Monday, January 17, 2011

Excuse Me, What?

I went out to a bar this past weekend with a bunch of friends and of course while all of my friends are busy getting drinks, I feel someone standing right next to me....staring. 

So, I turn to find a fella smiling at me, asking me my name. We had a small conversation and then he said it. This dude really tells me 'he's on Facebook". Say what?
You're a grown man, alone in a bar, trying to hit on a woman and you want to get to know her over Facebook?  Now, I realize that Facebook gives you a small glimpse of someone's life; however, whatever happened to an old school phone call? Texting took the place of talking on the phone, has Facebook taken the place of texting?! 

As a woman, you often encounter funny situations with the opposite sex, but this takes the cake. I'm going to start printing off business cards with just my Facebook name on it, hand them out to prospective men and tell them to poke me : )

Author: Stay

As a side-note, I have encountered three men over the past three months who have approached me and asked for my email address. Two in the same Wawa location, so this social ineptness may be localized. But, my email address? Really? Is this what today's single man situation has come to? Relying on social media to "talk" to women. To me, there's still nothing like hearing a guy's voice to send my heart a flutter.  I want you to have the cholas to say the things to me that you'd rather email or text.  C'mon boys, speak up!!

Author: Shay

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