Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hold my Heart

Sara Bareilles is my favorite artist. I can listen to her all day, every day, forever & ever.  She grips my heart and soul in a way that is beyond words.

The first time I saw her opening for Maroon 5 in 2004 at Gettysburg College, she literally made time stand still. The audience, which was sparse because they were still pre-gaming in their dorm rooms, all stopped and watched wordlessly to this girl and her piano belting out ballads that take you by hold and don't let you go until she's finished with you.

After she blew us away, she went to the back of the room to sell her burned CD's, of which I purchased two. (I tend to wear CD's out when I fall in love with an artist)  At that time, I was too in awe of her to speak normally, so when I returned to my Millersville U. apartment with my roommate, I wrote her an email attempting to explain the effect she had on me.

I nearly sh*t my pants when she wrote me back and actually corresponded with me for awhile. She was so grateful for me helping her sell merchandise at a show she did in Allentown, floored when I followed her to Philly opening for Maroon 5 again, and comped Stacey & I tickets to a show she did near Willow Grove opening for James Blunt without hesitation.

Sidenote: James Blunt really brings out the cougar crowd. These older ladies were going absolute apesh*t for this man. I'm sure the ladies were half lit, but damn, James Blunt is an amazing vocalist, but sexy? I wouldn't flash a nip for him, but eh, I digress...

Sara is completely down to earth and quite humble about her talent and success.  I really enjoy Sara B. and have included links to two of my favorite songs. Gravity is an older song of Sara's about her first real heartbreak and Hold My Heart is off of her most recent album, Kaleidescope Heart, which I strongly recommend for those of you who like to listen to entire albums on repeat.

Happy Listening!

Sara B. Gravity (Live)  and Sara B. Hold My Heart

Author: Shay


  1. Gravity is among my top favorite songs of all time. I love her too! I didn't know we shared that in common. Another reason to love you! She's lucky to have such a fabulous fan!

  2. I am listening. If you tell me before the sun goes dark, I promise to hold your heart so you won't have to let go.

  3. I LOVE Sara B. I heard a bunch of her other songs (than love song, which was over played but i still loved) on pandora and am totally in love with her too. glad to hear she's an awesome person!

    Sara A.