Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giving Thanks

Instead of spreading animosity through out the Holiday Season, I'd like to take the time and thank the young lady who crashed into my car, totaling it, and leaving me without a car for nearly 3 months. Here are five reasons I'd like to thank you : )

1. Your insurance company is giving me more money for my car than what it's worth. A lot more.

2. Having my mother drive me to work brings back all sorts of memories. 

3. I'm bringing sexy back by driving around a car with manual windows and doors.

4. You have saved me money on gas and meaningless gadgets I would have purchased if I had a car.

5. You did not kill me.

Again, your dedication to not stopping at the stop light and waiting to turn left after I passed you, means so very much to me. Happy Holidays!

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