Monday, December 20, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

Being able to do this pose, is my New Year's Resolution. Just kidding. Not really : )

I was talking the other day with my Mom and Shay about making New Year's resolutions for ourselves. It's a tradition that most of us make every year and fail terribly at. We always assume that because it's the beginning of a new year, we should start fresh. Most women want to lose weight, most men want to get in shape, and mostly everyone wants to become a better version of themselves. 

I have no resolution. (Besides the pose). I want to start the year with no expectations. No broken promises. Is that a resolution in itself? Oh well, I can always resort back to the "pose" : )

Author: Stay


  1. Is that Coco? That's such a freak pose. Nice post!

  2. im on the floor rollinnnnnng... look at mrs. ice t. doing her thang.. Thonnnnng suck in and gone..pahhahahahahaha...
    but i agree with you on the new res. no promises.. just live! that is a resolution in itself..

  3. That pic has me thinking, I need to start my Fluidity and Pilates classes again...ssttttttrrreeeetttchhhh!!