Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Can Kiss It

Can you believe that Christmas is THIS WEEK! Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, where did the time go?

It's as if Santa knows I'm not ready for him and enjoys sneaking up on me from behind as quickly as he can.  And you know what gets me? As soon as that bastard taps me on the shoulder, he's gone. Quick as a flash.

Sidenote:  My sister likes to tap me on the shoulder in public, then duck away to my other side leaving me looking like a fool over my shoulder at nothing. And I fall for it, every damn time.  The best is when someone is behind me that doesn't see her do it then I turn around giving them the stink eye, thinking they've tapped me. She gets a good giggle.

Even though there is so much preparation for just one day of celebration, I do enjoy Christmas. Stay & I are big proponents of having our family around and enjoying time together. And as I've aged, I much prefer giving gifts, than receiving them. Especially the gifts I know will either come as a surprise or that my receiver will love.  The look on their faces is priceless.

It's just a shame that the time flies by so quickly! It's so funny that as a kid, Christmas couldn't come soon enough and now, I could easily use another month.

I'm grateful to have so many lovely people in my life that I truly adore and I'm truly looking forward to spending some quality time with them as the end of the year arrives.

Santa can still kiss it, though.

Author: Shay

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